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Our Story


Founded by the Mphahlele family in 2022, to care and exercise compassion is second nature to us. Inspired by our beloved Grandmother Salome Mphahlele, our Moto is "home care over care home." And our essence is to provide "care that feels like home." We are a very close and well educated family that has spent many years looking after family members and loved ones in a healthcare/medical capacity. Professionally trained with family history in the medical field, we have gained practical and insightful knowledge on the gaps of the healthcare industry, and how we will provide person-centred quality care to elderly vulnerable adults in the UK to combat the Health and Social Care crisis. We recognise the growing demand for care in the industry and believe it is imperative that the quality of care provided to the English population should be exceptional and consistent. With the lack of care Human Resources in the UK, we recognise that the growing elderly population requires an increase in industry infrastructure to cater to the growing demand for care. That is what we as a family aim to achieve: "care that feels like home." We welcome you to join our family.

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